About Track and Field Club-Haiti

The NFP Foundation created Track & Field Club-Haiti (TFCH)


The mission of TF Club Haiti is to use technology to monitor, educate, and expose the athletic talents in the country of Haiti to help them rise to a competitive international level in the sport of Track and Field.

The goals are three fold:

1. Educate Haitian communities about the benefits and impact of sports

            TFCH will coach and mentor youths to increase student-athlete  

            scholarship opportunities abroad

            TFCH will visit schools in Haiti to spread creative physical

            educational ideas.

            TFCH will host camps/clinics

2. To develop athletes within the country to international competitive levels

            TFCH will start in the provinces of Port-au-Prince and Jacmel.

            TFCH will work with youths between the ages of 8-18 in Haiti.

            (The club will start with 5 schools and add more with time)  

3. To develop coaches in Haiti enhancing their sport career opportunities

             TFCH will provide informational tools and resources.

             TFCH will provide technical coaching assistance.